Player’s Guide and Gamemaster’s Guide Releases!

So proud to have been a part of writing the two new Star Trek Adventures releases: Gamemasters Guide and Players Guide. Improve your gaming experience as a GM or player with these groundbreaking guides.

I am eager to hear what you all think and get your feedback!

This is how I feel!

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  1. How much of it is new rules? That’s the big thing we’ve been hoping for in our group. I’m also hoping to be able to have more flexibility to make unaligned characters.

    1. This book is all about flexibility, including being able to create stories without any UFP or Klingon alignments. Read the section I wrote in vigilante/non-aligned missions. Plus, there are new rules, detailed examples of common extended tasks, new focuses, and a lot of advice for Gamemasters and players to make the most of the game.

  2. I picked them up as soon as they went Live and I’m still reading through them. I’ve already found things that should help my table out and have printed them out accordingly. I cant wait to get the physical copies so I can sit down and read them cover to cover. Thank you so much!!! *chef’s kiss*

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