Starship Sunday: Saladin

Welcome to Starship Sunday, presenting a new spaceframe for the Star Trek Adventures roleplaying game, filling in some gaps until official material can be released.

In October, we’re jumping back in time and providing a few alternate ships to use during the mid-23rd Century of The Original Series, to provide options for people who like the classic era but don’t want to replicate the show by playing the crew of another Constitution-class vessel. This week is the Saladin-class

Both the Saladin-class, and its twin the Hermes-class, were created by Franz Joseph in his Star Fleet Technical Manual, first published in 1975. These stand out from other ships in that book because illustrations of them were used in the background console shots in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan and Star Trek III: The Search for Spock. In naval terms, the Saladin-class is a destroyer (or frigate) while the Hermes-class was a scout. Both denote small, fast-moving ships, but the former is ostensibly designed more for combat. Because of the similarities, it’s easy to use the same numbers for both class’ Systems and Departments, and simply rely on Mission Profiles (and the refit rules) to reflect the differences between the destroyer and the scout.

Smaller than Constitution-class starships, the Saladin-class seems like a good “first starship” an untested captain could be assigned, working up to a more important role. This can give the impression of progress in a campaign, with the crew moving onto a larger ship and being given more important missions. Also, the missions a destroyer or scout vessel would be sent on provide an opportunity for very different stories than seen in The Original Series.

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