Ten Forward Fridays: Klingons

An official version of this species is available in the Beta Quadrant sourcebook and the Klingon Core Rulebook.

Welcome to Ten Forward Fridays, where a new playable species is presented for the Star Trek Adventures roleplaying game, filling in some gaps until official material can be released.

For this month, Ten Forward Fridays focuses on “the bad guys”. This week is the fan-favourite race of honourable warriors, the Klingons

Klingons were introduced in The Original Series episode 1×27 Errand of Mercy , the first of six apperances in that series alone. From the very start, Klingons were presented as a rival empire on the brink of open warfare with the Federation. However, when they first appeared, Klingons lacked the strong sense of honour that later defined the race Klingons also have the honour of appearing in all six movies based on The Original Series and (through Worf) almost every episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation as well as numerous episodes of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. In their later appearances in the prequel series Star Trek: Enterprise, there was even an attempt to explain the difference in appearance between the Klingons of The Original Series and later versions.

Klingons developed warp travel long before humans, and so can be found in any era of play. However, the Klingon Empire was an enemy of the Federation for much of its history, not becoming an ally until the mid-24th Century (and even then, there was only a single Klingon in Starfleet). This makes playing a Klingon character in the Enterprise and The Original Series eras somewhat tricky. Exiled Klingons are a possibility: individuals from families stripped of their honour or position and unable to serve in the Empire, and allying with other powers. Klingons can also have children with humans (and presumably similar humanoid species) so individuals of Klingon descent could be found in any era, working as a compromise in place of a full-blooded Klingon. In the 2360s, the Federation established the Officer Exchange Program, which would also permit a member of the Klingon Defence Force to serve on a Starfleet vessel.

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    1. TOS Klingons are pretty bland in terms of culture or inspiration for talents. They’re just humans but evil. They don’t have a pronounced philosophy beyond malice and opposition to the Federation.

      It should be easy to either use the above stats and change the appearance of the Klingons and/or just portray them as less honourable.
      Or use the stats for humans.

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