5 Tips For Getting Into Character

trekenemywithin2Need tips on how to role play? Is your GM moaning about your lack of acting skills? Well, here are some great tips for getting into character during your RPG.

1) Start thinking like your character
For me, this is the hardest advice to follow. You have to let your thoughts disappear. Your character is the one thinking, put yourself in their shoes. Prevent outside sources from influencing your decisions. Think about who you are and where you come from. Think about the experiences your character has dealt with. By letting your thoughts go away you become your character, you start thinking and acting as them. Do not let meta-gaming limit you. You know one thing, but your character doesn’t, so why would your character do something they have zero clue about? It can be hard to start thinking how your character thinks and it will take some practice but you will get there.

2) Character voices
Character voices fuel a lot of social anxiety, and that makes it awkward, and it’s why players stray away from them. My advice is to realize that you are playing make-believe with other individuals playing make-believe, don’t feel awkward or weird, because in the end you’re all  playing a game of imagination. A character voice isn’t for everyone, but it can help break the barrier of getting into character. It doesn’t have to be a different accent or pitch, it can also  be vocabulary and mannerisms. Practice your voice whenever you’re alone or have someone listen to you and ask their opinion. I personally practice my character voices in the shower or on my way to work.

3) Five Senses (Partly on the dm)
Imagine being in your character’s shoes for a moment. What are their surroundings, what sounds do they hear, what do they taste, touch, or even smell? The five senses allows us to understand what is happening to and around our characters, humans use all our senses in memory. This is mostly up to the GM to do as he is the descriptor in the game but it is also partly on you to understand what they are  portraying. Close your eyes and imagine everything the GM is saying. This is about immersion, it helps to ground you in the world. In a roundabout way it will help you get into character, by getting into the scene.

4) Tell your GM the story you want to tell
What do you want out of your character? A love story or a story of revenge, maybe even a mystery? You and your GM are telling a story together, letting the GM know what you want out of them game will help you both craft a better story. As the player, you have more control than you think.. Sit down with your GM and tell them what you want to do with your character and how you might do such a thing. Knowing what you want to do  already allows you to understand who your character is, allowing you to get one step closer to being in-character.

5) Let empathy destroy you
Empathy is a super power we humans have and it allows us to understand the feelings that others have. In game your character is dealing with certain situations that may make them feel a certain way and understanding the emotions behind that will get you into  character. Sometimes empathy will destroy you completely, when you’re attached to characters and one of them dies, sometimes you just can’t help but cry. Let these emotions take over, feel  the moment.  This will also allow you to understand how others are feeling in the same situation. Let Empathy win.

Reposted with permission from Benjamin Witunsky, artist, writer and nerd savant. Cofounder of the NerdMantle Podcast available on Soundcloud, Itunes and Google Play Music.

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