Four Years War Scenario

It’s Star Trek Discovery December! We’ve been providing you with a lot of resources for campaigns set during the Four Years War, the conflict playing out in Discovery following the Battle of the Binary Stars. We’ve published spaceframes and species to use as well as a guide to Wartime in Star Trek, but today we’re giving you something a little more tangible: a scenario set during Star Trek: Discovery.

Much to my annoyance, we don’t have insider information on Star Trek: Discovery. This is based on what has been seen on screen and makes some suppositions about the broader situation. If we’re wrong in the future then sorry!

Through a Forest Wilderness is a combat scenario that involves a rapid assault on a Klingon outpost to take prisoners and information. The timing of this is between the episode “Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad,” when the ship is trapped by a madman, and “Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum,” when Kol‘s plans are outlined to Captain Lorka. Intelligence in that second episode indicates that the Klingons are spreading advanced technology from the Ship of the Dead, but where did that intelligence come from? Well, possibly from your player characters!

Click the image below for the PDF.Through a Forest Wilderness - Preview

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