Reesha qel Vasto, Uyrror Diplomat

Welcome to the final installment of Tuesdays at Quark’s for 2017! This month we’re looking at new species that could be a one-shot inclusion in your campaign or a recurring species new to your campaign. Today’s addition is the Uyrror, the perfect diplomats, though also very sneaky ones.

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Reesha qel Vasto, like many of her people, has devoted her career to bridging gaps between different groups and creating a stronger Federation. She knows that sometimes groups have trouble seeing the greater good so she’s not above manipulating them to accept what’s best. In fact, that’s the part of diplomacy that she’s best at!

There are lots of plot hooks in the material below but here are a few more to get you started.

  • Reesha qel Vasto is involved in negotiating a dispute between different factions of the Bayt’Ihat, a situation that is proving trickier than she anticipated. Whether the therapy training of the Bayt’Ihat is more than her manipulations can handle or she underestimated the divide in this people, qel Vasto needs help and she’s willing to lay her cards on the table in an uncharacteristic show of honesty.
  • While traveling aboard the crew’s vessel, qel Vasto sees a chance to improve things aboard and begins to manipulate the crew to improve their service. Her intensions are good but what will the Player Characters do when they figure out what she’s doing?
  • Responding to a distress signal from an outlying colony, the Player Characters find a Federation Diplomatic Corps in a tough spot. Talking to two different cultural groups about to come to blows, the Corps is holed up in a remote wilderness area where a transporter lock is difficult. When a shuttlecraft comes down, it turns out their hiding spot is a heritage site that could unite the cultural groups. What an amazing coincidence! Or one engineered by junior diplomat Reesha qel Vasto.

Click on the image below for the PDF.Reesha qel Vasto - Uyrror Diplomat - Preview


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