Space Station Frame: Nor-Type

This type of space station really needs no introduction for those who have been watching Star Trek for a while. For those who are new to the franchise or who watched through the original series and/or The Next Generation then the short introduction is that the Nor-type station is the model used for the titular station in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. The long introduction, of course, is a lot more complicated.

Nor-type stations aren’t Federation space stations at all, but instead a Cardassian design. They use it as an orbital base for strategic locations and occupied planets, most famously the Terok Nor station around Bajor. This station became Deep Space Nine after the Cardassians left Bajor and control of the station was split between the Federation and the Bajorans. A similar hand-off in your campaign could lead to a Nor-type station in the hands of another Federation crew or as a civilian station where many different species intersect.

You also could use this as a basis for a Cardassian campaign with one of the other Nor-style stations still in Cardassian hands. You also could have a single mission on a derelict Cardassian station such as the one seen in the Deep Space Nine episode “Empok Nor.”

However you include the Nor-style station in your campaign, remember that it is an alien design and will be different in both architecture and systems from a Federation station. Throw in strange twists and unintuitive complications to remind the players that they are in a different space with different rules.


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