Arkarian Mercenaries and Bajoran Radicals

Radicals, mercenaries, and resistance fighters are often encountered in Star Trek. Here are some Minor and Notable NPC profiles of such from Arkaria and Bajor, as possible adversaries for whatever plot you’re hatching.

Arkarians appeared in “Starship Mine“, where Arkarian mercenaries boarded the Enterprise while it was undergoing a baryon sweep at the Remmler Array. Presented are the Arkarian Associate (Minor NPC) and Arkarian Mercenary (Notable NPC).

Bajorans have their share of fanatics, whether religious or fighting for the Resistance. They could be Pah-wraith cultists, agents of the Circle, Kohn-Ma dissidents, members of the Maquis, or merely retired resistance fighters. Stats for the Bajoran Fanatic (Minor NPC) and Bajoran Resistance Fighter (Notable NPC) are given below.

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