Brasha, The Vulture Among The Stars

There is a free, short Star Trek Adventures module in Modiphia #2 (Summer 2017) called “A Vulture Among The Stars“. It was written by Fred Love, and features an encounter with a starship helmed by a bold female Ferengi pirate named Brasha.

My group had a great time with the encounter. I thought Brasha had an intriguing background as an Orion Syndicate member, and would make for an interesting recurring villain in my campaign. Her stats weren’t included in the adventure, so I contacted Fred to see if he had them. He was gracious enough to provide her Notable NPC stats and gave permission for us to post them here at Continuing Mission!

In addition to the suggestions for further adventures already in the module, Captain Brasha and her ship Litigator may make excellent foes to add onto “Forests of the Night” in These Are The Voyages, Vol. 1. If you need stats for her crew, try the ready-to-play Hupyrian Bodyguard and Miradorn Marauder from our previous articles. Or, create more pirates using our templates for Nausicaans, Ferengi, and Orions.

Be sure to also check out Fred Love’s blog, The Trek Lug.

Two formats are available, depending on your preference.


Microsoft Word - Brasha.docx


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