Where there are Ferengi, there are likely Hupyrian servants. Tall, looming and silent, the Hupyrians act as bodyguards, pilots, and food-tasters for their Ferengi masters. They frequently take vows of silence and will only speak to their employers. Grand Nagus Zek had Maihar’du, who also taught the Nagus how to fake a deathlike trance. Uri’lash served Brunt during the Ferengi’s brief time as acting Grand Nagus. Their homeworld is also the source of Hupyrian beetle snuff.

Little else is known of the Hupyrians, but they would be familiar sights in Ferengi territory. Rules for Hupyrians as a playable species are presented, as well as stats for Hupyrian Servants (Minor NPCs) and Bodyguards (Notable NPCs).

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Adventure Tag: ADV003


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