The Grand Proxy


The Grand Proxy is an appointed position in the Ferengi Alliance, selected by the Grand Nagus to deal with issues that he didn’t wish to deal with personally. Neelix impersonated the Grand Proxy in the Star Trek: Voyager episode, “False Profits“.

Because a real Grand Proxy has never appeared on-screen, it opens up a great opportunity in your game to introduce a recurring character. In particular, if you are keeping your continuity close to canon, the existence of the Grand Proxy gives you the freedom to create adventures involving Ferengi politics without having to worry about the status of the Grand Nagus (e.g., his continued existence, or why he is in the Shackleton Expanse).

You can even replace the person serving as the Grand Proxy from appearance to appearance, giving them different personalities and motives. Here is a d6 Table for a random Ferengi name (and the name of a Hupyrian Bodyguard assigned to protect him):

  1. Fol (and Timu’su);
  2. Azga (and Rish’il);
  3. Morrot (and An’sini);
  4. Tem (and Ib’lash);
  5. Bellax (and Raiyan’tu);
  6. Glont (and Ja’thar).

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Grand Proxy

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