Replicator Resource: Basic Task Resolution Guides (for new players)

For players new to the Star Trek Adventures 2d20 system, Task resolution can be unfamiliar at first. To help familiarize them with the steps required to resolve a basic Task, here are handouts that will hopefully make the steps easier to remember. After some time, basic Task resolution will likely become intuitive.

While these guides do not summarize every possible consideration (e.g., the effects of Talents or Determination), they may help with basic questions about number of dice, reading the rolls, and Assistance.

There are three Basic Task Resolution Guides: Task Leader, Assistant, and Ship Assistance. Each PDF summarizes:

  • the number of dice to roll (and cost);
  • a Roll Ruler to help determine target number, ‘Critical Successes’ (those rolls that count as two Successes), and Complications;
  • and a Success Meter (use counters if needed to track number of Successes).

The Task Leader handout is always used, while the Assistant and the Ship Assistance are given to players who are assisting or playing the part of the ship.

When I run the game, I ask the Task Leader to describe his action first and declare how many dice he is buying, but not to roll yet. Assistants and players playing the Ship then describe their action and roll, so that we can see if there are any Complications from their assistance, and how many potential successes they might add. The Task Leader then rolls last.

(If you have the Task Leader go first, and he doesn’t score any successes, then the Assistant and the Ship wouldn’t bother rolling since they cannot help score a success, and would only add Complications. I find that having the Task Leader go last helps keep everyone at the table engaged.)

*Note that high target numbers may overlap with a large Complication Range, so in some  rare instances you can have a Success but also a Complication.

Click on the links or images below for the PDFs.

Task Leader
Task Lead

Task Assistant

Ship Assistance

Ship Assistant-2.png


  1. The amount of high quality, invaluable game aids you’ve produced and made available for free is amazing. My game is going to be immeasurably better thanks to you.

  2. I’ve been looking over these older resources to see if I can make personal use of them. Just seen with this one there is an omission in the ship PDF. The ship is always considered to have an applicable focus per pg 214

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