New Mission: The Roord

Here is a complete mission for gamemasters to use with their players. I would love to hear feedback from anyone who plays it!

Roord STA Campaign Mission


The characters are mapping a trinary star system deep within the Shackleton Expanse when they detect an alien spaceship listing in space. The pre-warp vessel, a ceremonial yacht of some sorts, is found to contain two unconscious and one dead alien. Also, the ship’s nuclear-powered engine is about to fail. The crew is forced to evacuate the aliens before the ship explodes.

Upon bringing the aliens to consciousness, the crew learns that the two survivors, a male and female, are engaged to be married. They were on their way to becoming ceremonially bonded when their space yacht’s engine failed. They are both members of the Roord race, though they hail from two different planets located in the trinary star system. They are members of their respective royal family. Tradition dictates that they must make the journey to exact spatial coordinates to perform the ceremony since their marriage can only be satisfied by planetary and solar alignment. Another problem surfaces when the crew learns that the third deceased alien was the only person capable of performing the ceremony. The ceremony requires the master of a vessel to consecrate the betrothal.

The crew comes to appreciate that the Roord must adhere to strict rules to solemnize their marriage. Otherwise, they must wait another twenty years to wed. In addition, their marriage is needed to prevent a war from continuing on their homeworld, a conflict that has been going on for one hundred and twenty years. With a ready starship and able captain, the crew surmises that they could help make this wedding happen. It would not be a violation of the Prime Directive since the Roord are aware that there are other space-faring species (even though they have not achieved warp travel yet) nor is it unheard of that a non-Roord performs the peacekeeping ceremony.

Wedding bells start to ring. However, rival Roord factions are eager to continue the war. They arrive to disrupt the ceremony. Can the crew hold off the wedding crashers, perform a solemn ceremony, and bring peace to this star system?


  1. Hi,

    Sorry for my english, I’am just speaking the native Picard’s language… 😆

    First, I discover Continuing Mission recently and it’s really amazing to read all these good things. Thx and respect to all contributors ! Fabulous jobs guys !!!

    I like the Roords and I want use them for more that a single adventure.
    Is it possible to have more informations concerning their home, their civilisation, life mode, problems… ?
    A Federation mediation and a the establishment of a embassy can be a good story plot line.

    Thx again and dif tor heh smusma !

    1. Hello. I wrote that mission as a one shot. I didn’t create anything more about the Roords. I’m glad you liked them so much. And thanks for loving our site. Let me know how the first adventure goes with he Roord.

  2. In fact, I have not yet play this scenario.

    I would like to make it a narrative segment of my future TOS campaign.

    your scenario is not really a first contact but it’s new for the crew and interresting for the Federation. May be futurs allies or neutral friends in the Shackleton Expanse ?

    After your adventure, the crew will experience other adventures and then receive a distress call: the Roord government is under massive terrorism attacks. A faction has weapons given by mysterious stellar opponents (Romulans ?).
    The Federation can not officially act. But a little group, officially in protocolar visit, can may be helping to unmask the traitors who inform the terrorists.
    That’s why I would like more informations about your creation.

    I’m sure this synopsis can be better with a brainstorm but I’m ashamed of my english in public. if you want to discuss it with me in private (you can see my mail address I suppose) it would be cool…

  3. That was nearly a very short adventure for us. The crew discovered the ship, the captain said “Well, that’s a prime directive thing, sad for the 2 aliens, but we can’t do anything.”
    Took me a while to convince hm, that prime directive does not apply. Even after rescueing them sedated and after gathering info from their ship’s computer, that they are aware of other species, he did not want to let them get awake. He said “No, they don’t have a warp drive, prime directive applies. Ba’ku are not a valid example, as they already had the warp drive, but decided not to use it, the roord decided to never build one”.
    Finally he asked the admiral at Narendra station, who gave him a go..

      1. in about 3 hours we play the second half of the module, I will write it up then. We have recorded our play on yourube, but you would have to be able to understand german to understand it ^^

      2. I still want to watch it. I have a friend who speaks German. I could ask him to translate or just turn on my google translate.

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