Ten Forward Fridays Suliban

Welcome to Ten Forward Fridays, where a new playable species is presented for the Star Trek Adventures roleplaying game, filling in some gaps until official material can be released.

Bringing the Enterprise month to the close is the antagonistic Suliban. Once again, this is a repeated species, but that particular write-up focused on Suliban being genetically altered so there’s not much overlap. 

Like the Xindi, the Suliban are an example of a species that only exists in the prequel era but would potentially have been around in later eras; this is odd but not an uncommon phenomena The hook of the Suliban is that they use genetic modification technology from the future to augment and alter the bodies, granting them unique traits such as camouflage, adhesion to walls, and the ability to contort their bodies. However, these alterations were done by the Cabal, a Suliban terrorist sect that was a proxy faction in the Temporal Cold War. Most civilian and unaligned Suliban would not have these modifications, which would include most Suliban after the mid-22nd Century, when the Temporal conflict would have ended (as the 28th Century tech used to make the modifications would cease to be unavailable).

The Suliban are a people without a home (especially after being associated with the Cabal’s terrorism) and potentially slowly dying out. One of the first humanitarian missions of the Federation could easily have been to finding a new home for the Suliban. During his time as a Earth Starfleet Captain, Federation President Archer saw the suffering of civilian Suliban firsthand and might have been motivated to help. (Helping resettle a refugee species that a member race had previously been in conflict with could be a defining moment of Federation history.) After a generation or two of Suliban working to establish their new homeworld, they could conceivably join the Federation and even serve in Starfleet.

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