Wargames With Sirna Kolrami, Part 1

Sirna Kolrami first appeared in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode, “Peak Performance“, set in 2365. This prideful Zakdorn is a Starfleet observer who oversees battle simulations. With new looming threats such as the Borg and the Dominion in recent years, it has become essential for Starfleet to keep their captains ready for battle, and to evaluate officers for future promotions. Being one of the top strategists in the Federation, Sirna Kolrami is likely to oversee a fair number of Starfleet battle simulations, and he has many ideas up his sleeve.

Here are the stats for Sirna Kolrami, who has Talents specifically geared towards overseeing wargames. As well, new rules for battle simulations are presented, and include: the new Role Observer (for a civilian character); new ship/station trait Wargame Mode; and a new ship/station Talent Laser Pulse System.

Next time, a Wargame Scenario: Encore Performance!

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