Wargames With Sirna Kolrami, Part 2: Encore Performance

Welcome to Part 2 of Wargames With Sirna Kolrami (see Part 1 here).

Encore Performance is a Wargame Scenario pitting the players’ ship against a Defiant-class starship, the U.S.S. Encore (NCC-74227). It works best between 2371 and 2373, but becomes less likely to work once the Dominion War starts. Like “Peak Performance“, the players’ crew will take control of both ships, but Sirna Kolrami has planted saboteurs aboard both ships, ready to wreak havoc during the simulation. The scenario should give Executive Officers a chance to command a Defiant-class starship and test out its effectiveness.

The briefing for the wargame are given below, as well as the stats for the U.S.S. Encore.

Encore Performance

Microsoft Word - USS-Encore.docx


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