Starship Sundays: Mirror Constitution

Welcome to Starship Sunday, presenting a new spaceframe for the Star Trek Adventures roleplaying game, filling in some gaps until official material can be released.

This is Mirror Universe May at Continuing Mission, and I’m adapting & tweaking a few classic ships from the Core Rulebook for play in the darker timeline of the alternate reality.

The Constitution-class is likely more common in the Mirror Universe, where the Terran Empire wasn’t struggling to recover from a losing war against the Klingon Empire for much of the 2260s. This would be a fun ship to captain in a darker game of conquest. The Mirror Universe is a great way of playing a Star Trek game but retaining the murderer-hobo instincts honed by most other game systems.
Or, in a twist of expectations, the ship could actually be the I.S.S. Enterprise, being commanded by newly rebelling Captain Spock, with the campaign telling the story of his ascent to emperor.

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Mirror Constutution-pic

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  1. given the different nature of governments within the mirror universe, presumably these would not have been designated “constitution” class by the Empire. my own assumption is that the class would have been called the Defiant Class, after the captured ship that started the Empire’s meteoric rise in power. visitors from the Prime universe though would of course refer to it as a mirror constitution class.
    (note that this would also have made the ship the terran rebellion at DS9 chose to copy steeped with symbology.. a new ISS Defiant to vanguard a new Terran Empire.)

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