Silver Blood


Since Ten Forward Friday is focusing on the Delta Quadrant this month, it’s a good time to release the write-up for the Silver Blood. They appear in two Voyager episodes: “Demon” and “Course: Oblivion“, wher7e a silver biomimetic deuterium lifeform duplicated Voyager‘s crew and ship. They originated from a hostile Class Y planet and are able to survive in such environments. However, they seemed also prone to memory loss, forgetting that they are not the originals. In addition, an experimental warp drive destabilized them, causing the copy of Voyager and all crew aboard to dissipate (see “Course Oblivion”).

Tragic as the story was for this particular copy of the Voyager crew, it opens up the possibility that there are other Silver Blood copies out there. The Silver Bloods only achieved sentience after contact with the crew of Voyager in 2374, so wouldn’t be encountered earlier. But here are some what-ifs:

  • What if the crew and ship we saw were later inferior copies of the first copies, and thus were error-prone (explaining the memory loss)? That might mean that the first copies exist elsewhere in the Delta Quadrant, remembering what they are, and establishing their own culture, possibly traveling around the quadrant creating new sentient Silver Blood with each species they encounter.
  • The episode “Demon” happened just before the Voyager crew encountered the fake U.S.S. Dauntless and Arturis in the episode, “Hope and Fear“. Arturis was learning all he could about Voyager, and could have shadowed them to the Class-Y demon planet. What if he spent some time getting to know the Silver Blood copies, and accidentally let the Silver Bloods copy him and his ship? That might mean there is a Silver Blood version of Arturis and his ship, disguised as the U.S.S. Dauntless, with particle synthesis technology and quantum slipstream drive. Perhaps the copies of Voyager’s crew have also defeated him, and are en route back to the Federation using quantum slipstream drive, bearing a cargo hold full of pure Silver Blood…

Silver Blood (PDF)

Microsoft Word - STA-SilverBlood.docx

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