Starship Sundays: Chimera

Welcome to Starship Sunday, presenting a new spaceframe for the Star Trek Adventures roleplaying game, filling in some gaps until official material can be released.

Wrapping ups Star Trek Online month is a runner-up entry for the contest to design the Enterprise-F. This design was repurposed for the Chimera but shrunk to function as an escort, albeit a large one that is the size of a late 23rd Century cruiser, like the Excelsior. It was tricky narrowing down a fifth option from  the large number of Star Trek Online ship. I considered the Pathfinder-class as seen in the STO dev team’s game’s, but applying the refit rules for the Intrepid class works fairly well (as the Pathfinder is just a “skin” of that ship).  I chose the Chimera as it was a fan designed ship, and as a destroyer it is well suited for campaigns set during the myriad conflicts of the era. However, the ship is also large enough that it feels like a full Starfleet vessel capable of prolonged missions in deep spaces, rather than a compact ship with limited range, like the Defiant or Tempest. Plus, the ship has the unique feature of its Dynamic Tactical System, which allows for a unique talent.


The Chimera-class is one of the few Federation warships, a timely creation that was in service for the conflicts of 2410, including the Kobali Crisis, the Iconian War, and the recent return of the Hur’q. Given its larger size, there was likely previous few Chimera in service, and were sent on specialized missions. They were the problem solvers of Starfleet, sent to hotspots and disputed systems. They likely worked with squadrons of smaller escorts. This opens up some good opportunities for fleet combat.

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