Konal Odutan, Hotshot Pilot

Welcome back to Tuesdays at Quark’s! This month we’re returning to an old theme… in fact our first theme! August is going to be another month of Starfleet Academy starting with a great pilot who might just be joining your crew…

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If you were wondering why I didn’t include a pilot character when I did some entries inspired by the Command Division supplement, you’re not alone. I kept thinking of it too! The truth is that I just needed more tone to think of an interesting pilot character, but Konal Odutan is it. He’s a mash of two different interesting characters: a skilled pilot and an unrestrained Betazoid. The main excusable of a Betazoid in Starfleet is, of course, Deanna Troi. She’s so steady and nice… but what about someone more like her mother? Someone who doesn’t care to pretend to be human and do things the Human way.

He’s not totally alien, of course. In fact the motivation of needing reassurance and validation is probably very familiar to a lot of people. In this case, though, it’s mixed with telepathy which means Konal can “hear” everything that people are thinking about him and that changes this while equation.

He’s pretty ripe for a psychic-hallucination episode of you’re looking for one of those. Here are a few more plot hooks, though, for you to work with.

  • Konal comes onboard as a new navigation officer and quickly proves his mettle (navigating a difficult nebula, evading an enemy, or locating a list ship… anything you want, really). Things turn sour as Odutan begins flirting with a female supporting character. Jealousy soon rears its head and the Player Characters will find themselves in a Social Conflict that could go anywhere.
  • The crew receives an important mission stealing across the Neutral Zone in a small shuttlecraft. The mission will utilize a gap in the  Romulans’ security meet that Starfleet Intelligence exposed. The mission rapidly changes, however, when they narrowly escape a Romulan warbird. Odutan senses the presence of a Reman bodyguard aboard the ship and the mission turns into a cat-and-mouse game of psychic hunting.
  • The Player Characters encounter a runabout transmitting a distress signal outside of an uncharted nebula. Lt. Odutan is at the helm with the other crew locked in the aft compartment. He claimsthat they were possessed by a psychic entity in the nebula and that he barely got away. They, of course, claim just the opposite. Who’s telling the truth?

Click on the image below for the PDF.Konal Odutan - Hotshot Pilot - Preview


  1. Are we sure he doesn’t have some human ancestry, maybe a distant tie to Jim (or rather George) Kirk?

  2. Nice to see you returning to the Academy. Looking forward to a new selection of characters from this fine learning institution.

    Maybe we’ll have some more Love Interest potential, who knows? Chris Park is fun, but variety is the spice of life. 😀

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