Chris Park, Academy Fling

Welcome to another edition of Tuesdays at Quark’s, the segment where be bring you an interesting NPC every week that you can drop into your campaign. This week we’re continuing our theme of Starfleet Academy with a blast from the past… for one of your PCs at least.

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This one is a classic Star Trek plot point: someone from a character’s past shows up with a secret they need help with. In this case it’s an ex-boyfriend or -girlfriend (depending on the PC’s orientation) who still has some feelings for them. Do they choose duty or friendship? What happens when the past shows up? Does this person show a side of the PC that they’d rather their crewmates didn’t know? There are lots of directions to go with this, and some suggestions included in the pdf for making the most of this character in your campaign.

To jog your imagination, though, here are a few plot points you can use…

  • Lt. Commander Park has been temporarily assigned to the players’ ship for a scientific mission. The awkwardness of meeting an ex turns into a red herring, though, when it becomes clear that Chris is hiding dangerous secrets.
  • A distress call alerts the players’ ship and they divert from their mission to find a damaged shuttlecraft. When the comms open up, Chris Park’s ex is astonished to see the lieutenant commander again and even more so when they say that they are on the run from the Federation.
  • On an away mission, the player character’s find a group of strange crystalline statues of humanoid forms. As they scan, one of the statues begins to move and speaks with Chris Park’s voice, knowing personal details about their ex. Is this the real Lt. Comander Park or just something with their memories? Just what are they working on in that top-secret project anyways?

Click the image below for a copy of the PDF.

Chris Park - Academy Fling Preview


  1. Huh. A very interesting character.

    Only just getting into the system, intending to primarily be a player, but I certainly wouldn’t mind having my Main Character for a campaign be the ex-fling of Lt. Commander Park.

    You ever planning to do a second ‘Academy Month’ at some point? Some interesting potential to be found there. 🙂

    1. I agree! I thought it was the perfect one to start the series with. I do plan to return to the Academy, especially with the division sourcebooks coming out. Probably this summer so stay tuned!

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