Jess Maxwell, Academy Dropout

Hello and welcome to an article of special bonus content. One of the most-beloved entries in the Tuesdays at Quark’s stable is Chris Park, the love interest from my first month writing the article. Chris (and their Mirror Universe double) is a gender-neutral option that can be introduced as a love interest for one of your PCs. There are lots of examples in Star Trek of past relationships coming back to greet a main character from Dr. Carol Marcus to K’Ehleyr, mother of Alexander Rozhenko. This semi-regular feature will give you even more options for this classic element.

Jess Maxwell (Jesse or Jessica depending on the preferences of the PC) is an engineer who signed up for Starfleet Academy but ended up dropping out because they aren’t cut out for the discipline of Starfleet. While they were at the Academy, though, they met that special someone who will be “the one that got away.” Who is that magical person? Well, look through your crew and pick someone!

If I had to choose I’d say that Jess is what you would get if you crossed Leah Brahms and Vash… then possibly made them male. Jess Maxwell is a loose cannon to be sure, but also a brilliant engineer who has done some incredible work throughout the Federation. They aren’t a criminal but they also don’t believe that people should just blindly follow Starfleet’s rules. Use Jess in your campaign as a civilian connection, past love interest, or just as a colony personality on your next planet-based mission.

Click on the image below for the PDF.Jess Maxwell - Academy Dropout - Preview

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