Lakin Viromm, the Reckless Captain

Welcome to another edition of Tuesdays at Quark’s! Continuing our October theme of characters with a connection to Starfleet Academy, we have the captain of the U.S.S. Vishpala. Like his ship’s namesake, this Bolian never gives up and has made a reputation as a determined and unorthodox Starfleet captain. In an effort at cross-promotion, this NPC also makes use of the Bolian species and New Orleans-class that we’ve already released here on Continuing Mission.

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Lakin Viromm is an interesting character, taking the usual Bolian gregariousness and turning it on its head. He’s very outgoing and actively builds a community of friends but he does so at the expense of making enemies outside of that circle. Starfleet officers talk about him as a hero to the Federation or as a cautionary tale, depending on their outlook, and he can be the same for your campaign as well. As usual, this character is presented here as a Notable NPC and also with notes for making him a Major NPC, but there are also short sections on how to adjust Viromm to be an embattled ally for your crew or as an example of how good Starfleet officers can go off the rails.

There’s lots in the pdf below but here are a few plot hooks to get you started…

  • When the crew is attacked by unknown vessels during a mission, the U.S.S. Vishpala arrives to lend aid. After the battle, Captain Viromm says he plans to stay and continuing assisting the players’ ship in case more enemies arrive. The Bolian’s blunt style and snap decisions, however, threaten to derail the PCs’ plans. How do they convince him to leave them to their mission and can they really afford to refuse aid?
  • While delivering supplies to a remote Federation outpost, the U.S.S. Vishpala detected suspicious subspace communications in the system. They relayed the information to Starfleet Command but didn’t wait for confirmation before charging off in search of the signal’s source. Now the Vishpala isn’t responding to hails and the players’ ship has been called in to search for it. What will the PCs find when they location Captain Viromm’s ship? A red herring or a conspiracy that needs fast attention?
  • Captain Viromm has finally gone too far and the Vishpala has been recalled to Earth for court martial. He is accused of boarding a Cardassian vessel and downloading the ship’s database before triggering the warp core to detonate. As news of this arrives, however, the Player Characters receive a subspace message from an ally on the ship (perhaps Viromm himself) that seems to exonerate the captain and his crew. Is this really a case of a brash officer being unfairly persecuted or has Viromm added perjury to his reckless behavior?

Click on the image below for the PDF!

Lakin Viromm - Reckless Captain Preview


  1. Excellent hooks and a complex character to throw at the players. In some ways it feels like holding a mirror up to some brash PC groups, to show them what it’s like. Nice!

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