Plot Hook Madness, Part 1

Hello faithful readers! I’m really swamped for the month of March so rather than give you new NPCs every week I’m going to be giving you plot hooks liking multiple NPCs that have already appeared in Tuesdays at Quark’s. In the spirit of basketball’s March Madness this will give you a chance to appreciate the wide range of talent out there on Continuing Mission and maybe let you inject some new stuff into your game!

This wee’s plot hooks are going to focus on dangerous, combat-oriented situations. Other weeks will explore other parts of the Star Trek universe.

  • The crew receives a subspace message from Captain Viromm that his ship is in distress and needs aid. When they arrive at the coordinates, a system near the Cardassian DMZ, they find that Viromm was attacked by Breen and has onboard Thot Prann. The Breen commander is angry about his people’s dealings with the Dominion and wants to make a deal. However, getting the ship back to Federation space involves dodging Cardassian patrols and the Breen fleet still searching for Viromm.
  • When going to meet the Cardassian negotiator Toja Pell on an uninhabited world, the crew hears her offer of important information about the Cardassian Central Command. Before they can finish the conversation, however, a subspace jammer cuts off communication to the ship and transporters. The away team suddenly finds itself in a crossfire between a Maquis group led by Li Chami and a force of Cardassian operatives led by Gilora Darhad, neither of which want to see Pell working with the Federation.
  • In order to stop a dangerous sale from happening, the crew has to go undercover as members of the New Essentialists looking to buy weapons in order to keep them out of the wrong hands. They meet with the arms dealer Rerash who is representing the Breen weapons specialist Ral Vot. The “wrong hands” come to them, though, when Soloc and Leck show up to out-bid the crew. To make matters worse, one of the away team members is the veteran Talas sh’Tharqat who starts to see red and might blow the whole thing.

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