Plot Hook Madness, Part 2

Welcome back to another edition of Tuesdays at Quark’s! This month we’re doing collections of plot hooks utilizing some of the many different personalities here at T@Q’s. Last time it was combat-oriented hooks but today we’re taking a look at science- and research-oriented plot hooks.

There are already tons of science options in the new Science Division Supplement but if you want to throw some NPCs into the mix, then this will get you started.

  • The ship is at a starbase getting a new EMH installed (or getting an updated system if it already has one). Part of the team installing the system is Ensign Jairim, a holographic expert, and the Bynar team Dirac and Weyl. When the system comes online, though, the EMH attacks the officers present and can’t be shut off. The crew needs to figure out who installed a malicious program, how it can be turned off, and to what other systems it is spreading.
  • A mission led by Commander Reil Anaphis requires transportation to a remote colony. The crew brings them onboard and sets off for the border system but en route they are surrounded by massive, spaceborn organisms. They communicate through microwave signals that Commander Anaphis sees as visions… Visions that warn of disaster awaiting them at the ship’s destination.
  • At a Federation medical conference, Dr. Erix Kaedn presents a paper on a retrovirus treatment for Pottrik Syndrome. When he sees the ship’s CMO there he approaches them to talk about some of the phenomena they’ve seen on their missions. As they go for a walk to discuss, however, both doctors are abducted by the terrorist Mailys Sault who wants them to synthesize a bioweapon. The abductees must stay alive long enough to be rescued as the crew searches for them.

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