Dirac and Weyl – Bynar Engineers

Welcome back to another edition of Tuesdays at Quark’s, and this time it’s double-trouble! The Bynars are an instantly recognizable species for any Star Trek fans, and today we’re going to be looking at a pair of them just trying to make it in the mean halls of the Daystrom Institute.


Bynars are one of those species that is just so Star Trek. At first glance they’re a strange species based on a peculiar quirk but then that quirk easily spirals out into interesting consequences. Since Bynars are all linked together by a supercomputer network, imagining how they would work on a project or serve alongside other species can definitely lead to some interesting plotlines.

Dirac and Weyl (not their real names but a lot more pronounceable) have formed their own, isolated pair at Daystrom and network through the Institute’s network. This has shifted their psychology to something a lot more independent than most Bynars, although they are still firmly alien to many of their coworkers. This shift might make them the unique answer to a crew’s problem or the rapidly-approaching singularity event that heralds a desperate call for help from the Daystrom scientists. Whivher you need.

There are lots of plot hooks in the document below but here are a few to get you started.

  • Dirac and Weyl come onboard to oversee the installation of a new warp drive assembly on the player character’s ship and connect to the ship’s computer as their new network. Soon small errors begin to build in the computer but investigations point to a dormant virus in the system rather than the Bynars. Who put it there and can Dirac and Weyl help to purge it?
  • Uncontrolled nanomachines launch from Bynaus in a warp-capable vessel headed for the Argus Array. A nearby ship finds that the Bynars’ network has left them all confused and disoriented so the player characters’ ship is dispatched to pick up the only two unaffected Bynars, Dirac and Weyl, and then to intercept the nanomachines before they can reach the Array.
  • The Daystrom Institute is on the verge of testing a new transwarp drive designed and overseen by Dirac and Weyl when the test is canceled at the last minute. The player characters are on hand to help with sensor readings and are about to warp out when Dirac and Weyl contact them to beg for help. They say that the test wasn’t canceled for scientific reasons at all but because of a conspiracy among lead scientists at Daystrom. Are the Bynars going off the deep end or could this be true?

Click on the image below for the PDF.Dirac and Weyl - Bynar Engineers - Preview

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