Raresh, Arms Dealer

Welcome back to another issue of Tuesdays at Quark’s! For the month of December we’re looking at the reptilian Gorn in all their nasty violence. We started off with someone who was much like the quintessential Gorn seen in Star TrekZrabas. However, I would say that today’s entry is the worst of the bunch and probably the Gorn that your players will come to hate the most if she makes an appearance in your game.


Rerash is an arms dealer who mostly stays out of the fighting directly. However her business absolutely leads to violence and she has a personal interest in provoking conflicts. These help her sell more weapons but also she’s doing some not-so-low-key social engineering by stoking fires throughout the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. In some ways, Rerash is the opposite of Ferengi characters like Gaila and Soloc who care about the business and have little regard for consequences. By contrast, Rerash is more interested in the outcomes of her sales and sometimes approaches her business in a way that would make a Ferengi pass out.

If you’re looking to include the Gorn in your game, Rerash is a great way to get things going. Her actions (particularly if you use the options in the sidebar) can push the Gorn into galactic affairs and force a crew to start dealing with them. At that point you can bring in the other Gorn NPCs in this series to continue the theme.

There are lots of hooks already written into this character, but here are a few more to get you started.

  • The crew arrives at an Orion colony to stop a Syndicate plot, only to find out that the deal between Raresh and some Orion leaders is entirely legal such as it is. The Orions are not too happy about Starfleet interrupting their business, especially when they find that someone has hidden a dozen Orion servants in the cargo hold. Could someone be trying to create a fight between Starfleet and the Orions?
  • At a civilian space station, Raresh and Soloc are both trying to get their hands on some black market tech. It gets even worse when it becomes clear that both merchants have shadowy backers. Who is really behind this scramble and what do they have planned?
  • Raresh has access to a brand new ship with top of the line systems and armaments. She’s selling it to the highest bidder and Starfleet Intelligence needs a team to find out who is attending, what else is being auctioned, and to stop anything from leaving.

Click on the image below for the PDF.Rerash - Arms Dealer - Preview

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