10 Scenarios Involving Encounters with Gorn that Could be Useful in a Star Trek Adventures Game

Here are ten scenarios involving encounters with Gorn that could be useful in a Star Trek Adventures role-playing game:

1. The Mining Outpost

Scenario: The crew is dispatched to a mining outpost where Federation and Gorn are supposed to collaborate on extracting valuable minerals. However, the Gorn are accused of sabotaging the equipment.

  • Objective: Determine if the Gorn are truly behind the sabotage or if there’s another explanation.
  • Complication: The sabotage might actually be the work of another alien race trying to instigate conflict between the Federation and the Gorn.

2. The Time-Lost Ship

Scenario: A Gorn starship from the past emerges from a time vortex, still in a war mentality against the Federation.

  • Objective: Subdue or enlighten the Gorn crew without causing a temporal paradox.
  • Complication: The Gorn ship has ancient, but powerful, weapons unfamiliar to the current era.

3. Diplomatic Rendezvous

Scenario: The crew is on a diplomatic mission to negotiate border disputes with the Gorn.

  • Objective: Successful negotiations without resorting to violence.
  • Complication: A rogue Gorn faction attacks the meeting point, making both sides suspect each other.

4. Biological Warfare

Scenario: A new strain of disease affects both Gorn and Federation colonies.

  • Objective: Work together to find a cure.
  • Complication: Both sides blame each other for the outbreak, risking an armed conflict.

5. The Rescue Mission

Scenario: A Federation scientist working on a peace project has been kidnapped by Gorn rebels.

  • Objective: Rescue the scientist discreetly without offending the official Gorn government.
  • Complication: The scientist has discovered something that both the Federation and the Gorn would kill to keep secret.

6. Into The Arena

Scenario: Crew members are captured and forced to fight in a Gorn gladiatorial arena.

  • Objective: Survive the arena and escape, preferably without killing any Gorn.
  • Complication: One of the Gorn gladiators is a political prisoner who could be a key ally.

7. An Ancient Weapon

Scenario: Both Gorn and Federation archaeologists discover an ancient weapon on a neutral planet.

  • Objective: Secure the weapon and decide its fate.
  • Complication: The weapon is sentient and has its own ideas about justice and conflict.

8. The Spy Game

Scenario: Intelligence suggests that there is a Federation spy within the Gorn hierarchy.

  • Objective: Confirm the identity of the spy and either extract or protect them.
  • Complication: The so-called spy is actually a Gorn reformist, attempting to better relations between the two factions.

9. Technology Heist

Scenario: Vital Federation technology has been stolen by Gorn privateers.

  • Objective: Retrieve the stolen technology.
  • Complication: The Gorn claim they’re retrieving previously stolen Gorn tech integrated into the Federation tech.

10. Unnatural Disasters

Scenario: A Federation colony and a Gorn colony on neighboring planets experience unnatural geological upheavals.

  • Objective: Investigate the source of these disasters and prevent any more from occurring.
  • Complication: An unknown third party is manipulating both sides to test their reactions to crisis situations.

These scenarios can be adapted or expanded as needed to fit your campaign. Enjoy your Star Trek Adventures RPG session!

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