Generating Threat – Gorn

Welcome to Generating Threat, which adds new hostile NPCs and ships to the Star Trek Adventures roleplaying game, filling in some gaps until official material can be released.

This month is the reptilian Gorn, who have been portrayed as engaging in particularly one sided hand-to-hand combat with a couple Starfleet captains until defeated through underhanded tactics, such as firearms or gravity plating.

The Gorn have a strong central government, and are a political and military threat for much of the middle 23rd Century. While not a large power, the Gorn are intelligent and resourceful, and their technology has long been a match for the Federation’s. Even after relations were established it might be possible for a border skirmish to occur or a rogue captain that might lead to conflict. And a few Gorn have been known to hire themselves out, finding civilian work.


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Gorn Vishap Gorn Ahgamas

Vishap Black

Ahgamas Black

Gorn Draguas

Draguas Black


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Gorn Captain-pic Gorn Enforcer -pic

Captain Black

Enforcer Black

Gorn Engineer-picGorn Thug - pic

Engineer Black

Thug Black

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