Toja Pell, Cardassian Diplomat

Hello and welcome back to another edition of Tuesdays at Quark’s! Today we finish up with our characters inspired by the Command Division Supplement and we’re going outside of Starfleet to do so. After looking at commanders and aides in the Federation we’re going to look today at a diplomat from the Cardassian Union who can enter the story on the other side.

Command Division

Of course, Toja Pell doesn’t have to be an enemy. In fact she’s a ready ally for Starfleet officers as written, so long as they aren’t trying to harm the Cardassian Union. She could be an official contact who remains a source of information on Cardassia or she could be an unofficial ally who maintains backchannels to avoid the coming war. She could also be an ally to a bunch of Cardassian characters to make them less of the warmongering bad guys.

There are some good connections here and lots of things suggested but here are some plot hooks to get you going.

  • Toja Pell contacts the Player Characters as willing allies to help her with a sensitive mission. A half-Cardassian woman on Bajor named Gilora Darhad wants to work a backchannel between the Bajoran government and the Cardassian Union. She needs transport to a neutral location along the Demilitarized Zone so that she can meet with Pell and present her information. When the ship arrives, though, there are Cardassian military vessels ready to arrest Pell and fire on the Player Characters. How could they have possibly found out?
  • On her way to a conference with Dominion representatives, Lt Commander T’Lar goes missing. The Player Characters have been ordered to find her shuttle but their search is barely underway when T’Lar contacts them herself! She was met by Toja Pell who captured her shuttle but doesn’t intend any harm. In fact, Pell wants to share information about secret meetings between the Dominion and the Cardassians…
  • With Enabran Tain dead and the Obsidian Order running especially silent, Toja Pell makes an uncharacteristically bold move by traveling to Deep Space Nine to contact Elim Garak. She arrives just after an attempt is made on Garak’s life and is suddenly desperate for allies. She meets in secret with Commander Sisko and negotiates asylum in the Federation from the increasingly paranoid Cardassian state in exchange for what she knows about Obsidian Order activities in the Gamma Quadrant. Now she just needs a ship to transport her to Starfleet Command to be debriefed, although chances are there are loyalists in the government who do not want her to reach Earth under any circumstances.

Click on the image below to get the PDF.Toja Pell - Cardassian Diplomat - Preview


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