Gilora Darhad, Obsidian Order Operative

We’re ending November here at Tuesdays at Quark’s with a subtle threat that can add color or danger to your campaign. The Obsidian Order is one of the most serious threats facing Starfleet in the 2370s, worse because it is ambitious as well as ruthless. Other groups like the Romulans have intelligence orders but the Obsidian Order is at odds with its own military and that means they are willing to push the envelope to dangerous places that other groups wouldn’t dream of.

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Gilora is both a unique situation and also a perfect example of how the Obsidian Order works. She seems innocuous and in some ways she really is but the methods of the Order make “innocuous” into something truly deadly. She makes a good addition to any mission or campaign that deals with Bajor and she also makes a good NPC to orchestrate a betrayal. There’s no one like Gilora out there but the way she insinuates herself into people’s lives, just waiting for the moment to strike, this is just way that the Obsidian Order operates.

There are plenty of hooks in the information below, but here are a few to get you started.

  • When the PCs arrive at the war orphan community outside Jalanda City, searching for someone who might have information about events on Bajor during the occupation, a woman offers to show them around. She is friendly but quiet, a helpful guide who helps the mission finish quickly. The crew’s Cardassian contact, however, talks to her for just a few minutes before refusing to have anything to do with her.
  • Starfleet Intelligence has intercepted a message between suspected Obsidian Order agents listing Gilora Darhad as a target to be “relocated, by force if necessary.” When the players rescue her and take her aboard their ship they find that this “leak” might have been purposeful and that it’s just the tip of something huge.
  • A member of the Cardassian military, someone rising in the Central Command, is the primary opposition for the crew’s latest mission. The situation seems certain to lead to armed conflict until crucial information reaches the players from an anonymous source near Jalanda City on Bajor.

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