Ral Vot, Weapons Specialist

Hello and welcome to another edition of Tuesdays at Quark’s! We’re continuing with our theme of Breen for this month and today we have an outsider for you. Ral Vot embodies a lot of the classic themes of Breen in Star Trek but they are independent of the Breen Confederacy and so they can be included in almost any plot you’d like.

The secrecy of Ral Vot makes them a blank canvas to paint motivations on, but I think the best use of this character is how the Breen as a faction are used generally: mysterious, unpredictable, and creepy. It’s a dramatic narrative to have a weapons scientist developing mutagenic weapons because they hate the Klingons or because they lost their family and want revenge on the galaxy. But imagine your characters seeing a weapon that could kill trillions and realizing it was made just because someone felt like making it. Ral Vot can certainly up the creepy factor in your campaign if you want them to so play that up if your players are interested.

There are a few different directions to take this character but here are a few plot hooks to get you started.

  • The Ferengi arms dealer Soloc has contracted Ral Vot to create new and improved weapons technologies for him to sell. The Ferengi contacts the crew in a panic, however, saying that Vot has gone off on their own side project and is developing a radiation bomb that could wipe out the sector!
  • Starfleet Intelligence gets a report that Ral Vot has resurfaced, this time working for the Maquis! The resistance group has contracted the Breen specialist to develop weapons particularly effective against Cardassian shields and Starfleet fears this could lead to a rapid escalation along the DMZ. The crew must infiltrate and sabotage the project.
  • The Player Characters encounter a Breen shuttle adrift in space, with Ral Vot onboard. The shuttle lost power and the specialist needs assistance, but what they don’t mention until their vessel is in the shuttlebay is that the power drain is from the weapons prototype they are carrying.

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