Replicator Resource: Neelix Complication Range Tent


This idea of a Complication Range Tent (displaying the Complication Range on the gaming table) began with a post on the STA Facebook Group about ways to remember what the current Complication Range is. I jokingly suggested Neelix tokens, and someone asked me if I actually had them. I didn’t, but now I have something similar: the Neelix Complications Tent!

It prints out on a single sheet, so just fold along the lines so that the right Complication Range is face-up on both sides of the tent when you fold them. None is needed when the Complication Range is the default 20.

Why Neelix? In 2010, I had the good fortune of meeting actor Ethan Phillips (along with Mark Sheppard of Battlestar Galactica and Kai Owen of Torchwood) in the Green Room at the Polaris Convention, and had a fun and enlightening chat about his time playing Neelix while filming Voyager. It made me appreciate the Neelix character in a way I hadn’t during the initial run, especially re-watching the series thereafter. So, here’s my tribute to Neelix, my favourite Voyager complication!


Neelix Complication Range Tent (PDF)


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