Jacob Ross Tells Us About His Work on the DS9 Player Character Release!


Star Trek Adventures: Deep Space Nine Player Characters is out! There is no print version of this book. The PDF, available at DriveThrueRPG, contains statistics for the crew and residents of Deep Space 9, including Captain Sisko, Major Kira Nerys, Lt. Commander Worf, Chief Miles O’Brien, Lieutenant Jadzia Dax, Dr. Julian Bashir, Constable Odo, Quark, and Elim Garak as well as the game statistics for the Deep Space 9 and the U.S.S. Defiant, and rules for Changelings and Ferengi as playable species.

I was able to track down Jacob Ross, the stud behind the stats, to ask about his work on the project.

Michael: Right off the bat, I notice a few reoccurring characters are missing from the book. Where’s Nog? He was simply amazing in the last two seasons, prosthetic leg and all. How did you decide who made the final cut?

Jacob: Oh, I don’t have a choice in all that. I’m just the writer. But, I know that this pack is an “in-character” document. It’s set in the timeline of Deep Space Nine in the weeks before the Cardassians reveal themselves as allies of the Dominion. The background of this supplement is that an Obsidian Order asset, codenamed “Agent Viper” is compiling a dossier on the key inhabitants of the station. At that point Nog isn’t in Starfleet, Jadzia is still Dax, and there are a few other hings waiting in the wings.

Anyone who didn’t get a write-up in this book wasn’t important enough to the Cardassians to monitor that closely. There’s a nod to Jake Sisko in Ben Sisko’s writeup. Quark is there because he’s very well connected to the underworld and the Nagus. We all know why Garak is included.

I agree about Nog being amazing. I’m sure that everyone on the team would have liked to see more, but we’ve still got plenty of time for the rest of them.

SISKOWho was your favorite character to create a sheet for? Why?

The SISKO. Avery Brooks’ portrayal of Captain Sisko is among my favorite in all of Star Trek. Also, Garak. He’s overall my favorite Star Trek character, ranking above even Spock and Guinan.

What section of the supplement really got you going?

When I got a sneak peek at the Command Section book so that I could write up the station. I had to work to keep myself from overpowering DS9, but then the notes that I got back were to the effect of, “No. MORE power!”

In a previous interview, you mentioned something about a Gamma Quadrant Source Book. When is that coming out?

Soon, I think. I’m working on the revision of my drafts. But once it’s out of my hands then it goes off to Jim *gulp*, Chram (a transporter mixup combination entity composed of what used to be Sam Webb and Chris Birch), and then *gasp* CBS. If my copious liberties with canon and extensive joke references make it past their legal department, then it goes to production art, layout other production steps. If it doesn’t, well then I’ve shamed my whole family and will be out on the streets.

Are there any other surprise in this supplement we should know about?

In this one? I don’t think so. Does the ad copy mention that you get the stats for DS9/Terok Nor? If it doesn’t, well then, I guess that’s a surprise that’s now been spoiled. Oh, and it’s DS9 after O’Brien upgraded it with all the guns and shooty bits.

Ds0 schematic

Sweeeet! Why would you say Star Trek Adventures fans should pick up this supplement?

Nathan Dowdell does the rules stuff, but someone mentioned something to me about playable Changelings. Oh, and I haven’t actually stopped to look at the final version, so don’t quote me on this, I really don’t know, but there MIGHT be a Talent that represents Julian Bashir’s secret background.

Are you working on any other supplements (because I am dying to see one for Voyager)?

Not right now. I’d love to do more, but right now I have to finish what’s on my plate. Oh, and I’m begging Chram for a spot on the Dune team. Latinum may make the galaxy spin, but the spice must flow.

You are well connected to the STA universe. How do you feel about being a part of this growing RPG craze?

Um, am I? I’ve done some periphery work, but I’m not one of the “heavies”. It’s cool getting to make a very small contribution to the work of guys like Nathan Dowdell and the editors/publishers.

What’s some feedback you have received on the game?

Me personally? I don’t know. Most of what I see is stuff that people ask Jim Jonnson on RPG.net, Reddit and G+. I did get to pretend like I had only ever read the rules and get in on a “learn to play” session at Guardian Games in Portland. That was illuminating and fun.

What do you appreciate the most about the fans?

I love the passion behind it all. I love the engagement. Out of all the work that I’ve done, this is the one where I’ve had the most actual interaction with gamers. A group actually put together an actual play of one of my playtest adventures, Abyss Station, I think, and put it on Youtube. They did it up like an episode of TOS with a theme song and everything.

Keep up the fine work, Jacob! We look forward to seeing more of your projects like the Gamma Quadrant Sourcebook!

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