Star Trek Adventures: Behind-the-Scenes With Star Trek Line Manager Sam Webb

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This is part of a continuing series where we get to know the masterminds behind the RPG that goes where no RPG has ever gone before – Star Trek Adventures.

The folks at Modiphius are working hard to produce a top-quality game. But who are the exact people who make it happen?

I was able to corner Sam Webb, Star Trek Line Manager, in his geek cave (as seen in photo) to find out what makes him tick! Sam started tabletop gaming as a teenager, starting with Warhammer 40k and moving onto Dungeons and Dragons in his last year at Drama School, where he trained to be a theatre director.

Michael (chin resting on hand listening intently like on a first date): How did you get involved working on the Star Trek Adventures game? 

Sam (taking a gingerly step back): I was working at Modiphius as Chris Birch’s publishing assistant (Chris being the publishing director and creator of the company, and Achtung! Cthluhu) and got the gig because I turned around one day and said, “Chris, you know I’ve been working quite extensively on the project management of Star Trek Adventures. Can I take a punt at being the actual line developer?”

Thankfully, he agreed, and the rest is history.

Michael (scooching forward juuust a bit): Nice! Remind me to turn around to Chris Birch and ask him random questions that further my career if I get the chance. So, what is your role at Modiphius? 

Sam (backing into stack of comic books that tumbles to the ground. He crouches down to pick them up): I’m the line developer for Star Trek Adventures, which basically means I manage the line, develop the products, commission writers, artists, graphic designers, and everyone else who contributes to our books and accessories. If Chris is the admiral, I’m the captain of this ship we call Star Trek Adventures.

Michael (crouching down to help Sam pick up comics while still talking): Interesting. In our interview with Jim Johnson, he admitted to being the XO. This is all coming together. (Though I’m dying to know who is scrubbing the Jeffries tubes.) Captain, what is your favorite part of the Star Trek canon? Why?

Sam (standing up after noting Michael had coffee on his breath): That table style console that Geordi and the rest of the senior staff gather round in main engineering on the Enterprise-D is called the Pool Table. I’m not sure if that’s canon or just what the production guys called it, but I find it funny.

Michael: …

(slowly rising to full height) That was such an unexpected response. I have to marinate on that for a while. Now I am really interested. Who is your favorite character in Star Trek? Why? (Quickly leaning forward in anticipation.)

Sam (flinching): Spot the cat. Who doesn’t want a cat on their spaceship?

Michael (waving a finger matter-of-factly): Well, Captain Archer, for one. Pretty sure he is a dog guy. What excites you the most about Star Trek Adventures?

Sam (looking for an exit): Running it as a Gamemaster.

Michael: (raised eyebrow)Star-Trek-Art-Cover-Mock-Up-Promo-No-Logos_grande

Sam (hand on door knob but turning back to make a point): No, really! The 2d20 implementation for Star Trek Adventures is my favorite. It promotes some brilliant decision-making on behalf of the GM with varying Difficulties and spending Threat ramping up the tension in a game simply by using the mechanics. Plus, I get to be Q in my very own imaginary Star Trek playground.

Michael (distracted by thought while Sam gets half his body out the door): As a fellow GM, I would have to agree. What are we most likely going to find you doing if you aren’t absorbed in Star Trek Adventures?

Sam (voice only as he runs away): I made a new year’s resolution to try more RPGs. So that’s what I’m planning to do! But to tell you the truth, I’m probably just spamming friends and colleagues with memes.

What a cool guy! (Hey, where’d he go?) So neat that he went from training for theatre to working in the gaming world. I see the connection. I totally do.

Time to let him get back to work so that we can keep consuming more wonderful gaming content! For all of your hard work on Star Trek Adventures, Sam, you earn a Tribble-Rating!


Tribbles 5-5
For more on the Tribble-Rating system, click here.



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