Cirrek, Alien Technology Specialist

Hello, and welcome back to… Thursdays at Quark’s? So, this is late and that’s the risk you run when you have a feature with the day baked right into the title. The site has been changing a lot (you may have noticed) and I’ve been doing a lot of the organization on that front. Rather than burn out (or get fired from my day job) I decided to give myself a buffer in completing this week’s character. I think it’s been worth it!

Continuing with our look at the Operations Division I have an engineer specializing in unknown and weird alien tech. I didn’t want to have another member of the Starfleet Corps of Engineers but I realized it would be weird if he wasn’t in the SCE and so here we are. I think it’s easy to think up someone who is always trying to push the envelope and try out weird tech in new ways (leading to explosions and hybrids and the fall of Jurassic Park) so for this character I decided to go the opposite way. Cirrek is an enthusiastic analyst but he also has a healthy respect for what he studies. It also opens some doors having a Benzite and I really tried not to have Cirrek by a Mendon clone in the Engineering Department.

There are a lot of different ways to use and feature Cirrek but here are a few plot hooks to get you started.

  • An item secured from a recent mission prompts a visit to a starbase where Lt Commander Cirrek is waiting to analyze the item and speak to the crew. As they debrief, though, a pair of Vorgons appears with advanced technology in order to retrieve the item. In between fighting them off the best they can and creating a ruse to fool them, can the crew and Cirrek figure out what this thing is?
  • On a mission into the Shackleton Expanse, the crew is tasked with transporting Lt Commander Cirrek and his team. On their way, though, they pick up interesting signals from a nearby nebula. Cirrek looks over the scans and is instantly intrigued since the pattern matches another interesting anomaly far away near the Badlands! I asks the crew to stop but will they delay their main mission? If they don’t, what are they leaving at their backs?
  • The crew arrives at an uninhabited planet to pick up material gathered and prepared by Lt Commander Cirrek and his team. When they arrive, though, Cirrek says that he has hidden the equipment and is refusing to turn it over. Not even the threat of court martial can entice Cirrek to reveal the equipment’s location or how he is hiding it from sensors and when he gets a chance to speak to the captain he explains why: the technology recovered is from the Borg and he believes Starfleet means to weaponize it.

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