Generating Threat: Nausicaans

Welcome to Generating Threat, which adds new hostile NPCs and ships to the Star Trek Adventures roleplaying game, filling in some gaps until official material can be released.

This month is the menacing Nausicaans, famously seen in The Next Generation impaling an Ensign Picard, but also regular bodyguards on Deep Space 9 and shown as pirates in Star Trek Enterprise. Mean, uncouth, and barely civilised, Nausicaans have been a threat to life in the Beta Quadrant for centuries. They didn’t develop space travel so much as steal it, and are a continuous reminder of why the Prime Directive is a good idea. Generally unaligned and lacking a central government, Nausicaans are useful for a quick opponent that can be defeated without worry of political fallout. Because Nausicaans live wherever they can find violence related work, they can be encountered throughout known space, and are not tied to a particular region of the galaxy.


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Raider Black 

Kolasi Black

Guramba Black

Vandal Black


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   Nausicaan 1

Pirate Black

Bodyguard Black

Mercenary Black

Pirate Captain Black

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