Featured Starship: U.S.S. Phoenix (NCC-65420)


The U.S.S. Phoenix (NCC-65420) is a Nebula-class starship with an elliptical sensor pod, and was once commanded by Captain Benjamin Maxwell. Maxwell turned vigilante in 2367 (see the TNG episode “The Wounded“) and took the Phoenix on a series of attacks against Cardassian vessels. He was relieved of command, but his actions may have caused the ship to gain a certain notoriety.

It is a good ship for those who want to roleplay interactions with a crew whose captain had turned rogue. There may still be sympathizers onboard, who still revere Maxwell for his courage to defy Starfleet.

Chris Sham suggested that a Trait that the U.S.S. Phoenix could have is Venerable Namesake, to honor the Phoenix as being Zefram Cochrane’s first warp-capable vessel and the emotional weight of the name. Feel free to add this as another Trait.

U.S.S. Phoenix (PDF)Microsoft Word - USS-Phoenix.docx

Featured Starship articles spotlight established starships that you can use as a ship for players for immediate play (such as for a demo or convention game), or as an NPC ship in your campaign. Some are a natural fit with characters from the Featured Crew articles. Only Core Rulebook rules will be used (with perhaps a few special exceptions, such as the spaceframes from the Command Division supplement).


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