Be A Guest Writer At Continuing Missions

We at Continuing Missions are eager to know what you think of the campaign modules that make up the new Sargon Region of space. As such, we are inviting people to play the modules and write reviews.sargon-region-gm2269c

You may have seen other posts about the Tribble-rating system. Use that system to let us know what you think of the plethora of material you will be seeing in the coming years.

How can you post a review?

  1. Go to Forums on this web site
  2. Select “Register”. Once you have registered…
  3. Go to “General Discussion”.
  4. Scroll down to “Create New Topic in ‘General Discussion'”.
  5. Write your review.

Once your review is up, drop me a line at michaeldismuke1 @ gmail dot com. I will format you review into our blog and give you full credit for the work.

Now, enjoy some great modules like Quadrupole Quandary, Poseidonis, and The Planet of the Ebon Pearl and let us know what you think!


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