Featured Starship: U.S.S. Bozeman (NCC-1941)


The U.S.S. Bozeman (NCC-1941) is a Soyuz-class starship (the service date of the class is 2265). In 2278, while under the command of Captain Morgan Bateson, the Bozeman became trapped in a temporal anomaly in the Typhon Expanse. It remained there until an encounter with the Enterprise-D in 2368 caused them both to be caught in a time loop. When the ships finally broke free, the crew of the Bozeman had no idea that they had been stuck in a temporal anomaly for 90 years.

The Bozeman was still active in 2371, making a course correction as a result of the gravitational effects of the destruction of the Amargosa star. In 2373, it also fought alongside the Defiant against the Borg during the Battle of Sector 001.

Three versions (2269, 2275 and 2371) are presented, and use the Soyuz spaceframe presented at Continuing Mission. The 2269 version can be used for a standard TOS game. The 2275 version assumes one refit, and is the version that eventually entered the temporal distortion. The 2371 version assumes that Starfleet upgraded the ship (thus a total of ten refits) and put it back into service.

U.S.S. Bozeman (2269)Microsoft Word - USS-Bozeman2269.docxU.S.S. Bozeman (2275)Microsoft Word - USS-Bozeman2275.docxU.S.S. Bozeman (2371)Microsoft Word - USS-Bozeman2371.docx

Featured Starship articles spotlight established starships that you can use as a ship for players for immediate play (such as for a demo or convention game), or as an NPC ship in your campaign. Some are a natural fit with characters from the Featured Crew articles. Only Core Rulebook rules will be used (with perhaps a few special exceptions, such as the spaceframes from the Command Division supplement).

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