Featured Crew: Sakonna


Sakonna is a Vulcan who arrived on DS9 to procure weaponry on behalf of the Maquis. She made her gun-running arrangements through Quark, who flirted with her. Despite her cold Vulcan exterior, Sakonna admitted that she found Quark intriguing. She also participated in the abduction of Gul Dukat, but was unable to extract anything from him through a mind-meld. She knows the Vulcan nerve pinch technique. After she was captured, Quark was able to talk her into revealing critical information on the Maquis’ next target.

Although she is not a member of Starfleet, the secondary canon had Section 31 recruit her after the Maquis fell and the Dominion War began. She could also have escaped and returned to the Maquis, either with loyalties still to the Maquis, or as a spy for Starfleet Intelligence. Alternatively, she was pardoned when the Dominion War started, and recruited to fight the Dominion.

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