Paper Miniature Hacks (And A New Role)

If you haven’t seen the glorious Star Trek Miniature Maker 2.0 by Wayne Peters, you definitely should check it out. It can do uniforms for ten eras and ten species, with different customizations. Terrific job, Wayne!

I made paper minis with Wayne’s app for each established Main and Supporting Character aboard the players’ starship in my campaign. I put the department colour and name of the crewperson in the space below. For some, though, I’ve been hacking the images to produce results not normally available.

With Photoshop or other image editing software, it’s fairly easy to modify the minis to handle missing species (e.g., substituting Denobulans for Klingons, Romulans for Vulcans, or choosing green skin for Orions). For Romulan uniforms and Klingon uniforms, I cobbled together some overlays that can go on top of a standard paper mini, to keep the style similar.

Also, as it has been useful to have a visual representation of Personnel (see Core Rulebook, page 185), I put two characters in the same frame to represent a team.

Here is a PDF with some sample hacks that I use in my own 2371 game, that include Romulans, Klingons, various Personnel Teams, Bynars, Cadets, and an EMH.

Also included are Hazard Teams, an idea from Star Trek Voyager: Elite ForceWe call them Response Teams for my campaign (since officially Hazard Teams were invented aboard Voyager in 2376), but the idea is similar. We came up with a homebrew Hazard Team Leader / Response Team Leader’s Role as follows:

Hazard Team Leader: The Hazard Team Leader is responsible for training an elite force for high-risk missions, consisting of tactical officers, medics, pilots, and marksmen. A Hazard Team Leader may activate special personnel (p.185), called a Hazard Team (Opportunity 1, Escalation 1), twice per mission (for an Alpha squad and a Beta squad). These Hazard Teams may be used as Advantages to support both Security and Medicine Tasks, making them more versatile than a Security Team. Each ship may only have two Hazard Team squads at any one time. (Activating Personnel does not count against Crew Support.)

Paper Minis (PDF)personnel01


  1. Thanks for sharing this Tony! Thanks as well to you Wayne, if you’re reading this, for creating such an excellent (not to mention quick and easy!) resource.

    Tony, do you have any plans to do up a Hazard/Response Team specific article? I thoroughly enjoyed Elite Force as a game when it came out, and would expect, especially during periods of crisis or conflict (such as the Dominion War) that such specialized, highly trained teams would be more common.


    1. Thanks! I am not ready for a specific Hazard Team article since I don’t know the game well. But looking at the Operations Division book, the squad roles section seem pretty fitting for what the Elite Force would do. Take a look at them and let us know if they capture what the video game does.

  2. Guess that means I’ll have to finally pick up the Operations Division book, and boot up my old, old computer to play the Elite Force games again.

  3. Great article Tony – did you progress this any further? I love the ST Mini Maker, and am looking at how I can create adversary figures to match the crew figures. I’d love to know what resources you used to create suitable Klingon & Romulan uniforms, as that’s where I’m stuck at the moment…

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