Living Campaign Supplemental: Narendra Station Featured Crew


Welcome to another Living Campaign Supplemental. If you are playing in Modiphius’s 24th century Living Campaign for Star Trek Adventures, you are likely familiar with some of the NPCs aboard Starbase 364 (Narendra Station) at the edge of the Shackleton Expanse, as described in the Beta Quadrant Sourcebook:

  • Admiral April Hebert
  • General Kargan
  • Commander N’Ria (Chief Medical Officer)
  • Lieutenant Olok (Chief Engineer)
  • Doctor Helena Taliaferro (civilian Scientist in charge of all research).

Likely Modiphius will have official stats for these characters in the future, and you may have already statted them out for your own campaign. In the meantime, as I anticipate in my own campaign that the crew may spend a session or two aboard Starbase 364 and might need the Narendra personnel stats sooner than an official source, here are my homebrew versions. Feel free to tweak their stats for your own campaign.

They are presented as playable PCs, so the option to run an adventure with them is there. Some of the images come from Star Trek: The Experience, where one of the actors is actually called April Hebert. Her image is used for the Admiral.

Narendra Station Personnel PDF Collection (revised)

edited to correct Hebert’s Command stat.


  1. These are awesome! Great job. Did you make the decision to not have Kargan be the same character from “A Matter of Honor”?

  2. Does anyone have any information about the station in the picture? Info such as class name, height, diameter, # of docking ports, crew complement, etc. I love this design and would love to be able to use it in my fan fiction.

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