Comprehensive Starship Combat Macro for Roll20

For those of you out there that use Roll20 as your virtual tabletop solution, I come bearing gifts. Well, one gift, but it’s pretty big. Doubly so if you find that you do Starship combat often. Having to look up stats for NPC ships can take up quite a bit of time. This mega-macro handles the most common rolls in Starship Combat and can adjusted for any spaceframe. So without any further ado, here’s the macro:

&{template:default} {{name=Jem’Hadar Attack Craft}} {{Crew Roll=[[1d20<13cs<3cf20]] [[1d20<13cs<3cf20]]}} {{—}} {{Fire Weapon=[[1d20<14cs<4cf20]]}} {{Disruptor Cannon Damage (Vicious 1) = [[9t[Challenge-Dice]]]}} {{Polaron Bank Damage (Piercing 2) = [[8t[Challenge-Dice]]]}} {{Torpedo Damage= [[6t[Challenge-Dice]]]}} {{—-}} {{Evasive Action=[[1d20<11cs<4cf20]]}}{{Attack Pattern=[[1d20<14cs<4cf20]]}} {{Scan for Weakness=[[1d20<13cs<3cf20]]}} {{Regen Shields=[[1d20<9cs<2cf20]]}}

Example Output

Let’s break things down. The basic roll follows this format:

{{ROLL NAME=[[1d20<(TN)cs<(Crit Range)cf20]]}}

Anything within a {{}} block will be a single line. Anything within a [[]] block will automatically roll and display the end result. If you need to see the specific die roll, you simply mouse over the result. (TN) should be replaced by whatever the Target Number is for the Task. (Crit Range) should be replaced by whatever the Crit Range is for the Task, usually the ship’s Department score or the NPC crew’s Discipline. Finally, cf20 signifies that rolling a 20 is a critical failure.

{{Torpedo Damage= [[6t[Challenge-Dice]]]}}

This particular line is dependent on you having a rollable table named “Challenge-Dice”. If you do, this will roll on that table 6 times. Given how the official STA sheets for Roll20 have issues when rolling Challenge Dice, it’s recommended that you create your own table like so:

Finally, if you do have a table like the above, you can use this handy macro to roll on said table with a variable amount:

/roll ?{Number of Dice|0}t[Challenge-Dice]

Those of you that feel like tinkering with macros would find this Roll20 Wiki Article to be most helpful.


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