Replicator Resource: 2d20 Dice Probability Chart

I love being part of this community! The innovation of STA fans continually bowls me over. The latest gift to us all comes from author James DiBenedetto.

James DiBenedetto.

James is a lifelong Star Trek (and sci-fi generally) fan, a gamer going back to high school and the original Advanced D&D books in the early ’80s, and an author of 20 novels (you can find his work (not scifi, but he hopes to entertain all the same) at his website: www.jjdibenedetto.com

2d20 Dice Probability Chart

Here’s something else for fans of Continuing Mission FROM a fan of CM: the 2d20 dice probability chart. It gives you the % chance of # of successes based on the attribute and discipline score being rolled. It’s a useful tool for GMs in setting difficulty.

James said, “I did the whole thing because of a conversation on the Modiphius forums about difficulties and how hard/impossible a D5 task is, so I wanted to see the actual odds of rolling 5 successes, which if you buy three dice and have a highly skilled character, are actually really pretty good.”

He also explained, “And it would work for any 2d20 game, as far as I can tell. You’d just need to rename Attribute+Discipline to whatever they are in the other game.”

Thanks, James. We will enjoy using this. Hey, everyone! Give him a shout-out for putting this together!

1D20-Dice-Probability-Chart Google format

Advice to download Google Doc: Go to the File menu. “Make a copy” then it’ll be in your own personal google drive for you to play with whenever you want.

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