James DiBenedetto is back with an Adventure Seed best suited for the TNG and later eras.

James DiBenedetto

What is an adventure seed? Story/Adventure Seeds are short bits of ideas that can be used to develop stories/adventures/campaigns.

James is a lifelong Star Trek (and sci-fi generally) fan, a gamer going back to high school and the original Advanced D&D books in the early ’80s, and an author of 20 novels (you can find his work (not scifi, but he hopes to entertain all the same) at his website:

The Premise

While in the midst of whatever their current assignment is, the players’ ship receives new orders from Starfleet Command: proceed immediately to a star system on the very edge of explored space (in whichever direction suits your current campaign). A deep space monitoring array has reported massive and currently unexplainable energy readings and the players’ ship is the closest one available to investigate.



  1. If a Borg cube that is 3km x 3km x 3km is Scale 13 according to the Core rulebook and a Voth City ship (11km long) is Scale 15 according to the Delta Q book, then a rectangular starship that is 20 km x 5 km x 5 km is going to be something ridonkulous like Scale 17+. (Eep!)

    That being said, I like this “outside context” story idea. It’s like Kirk’s encounter with the First Federation in “The Corbomite Maneuver” but with MUCH higher stakes (especially if the Borg become involved).

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