Generating Threat: Breen

Welcome to Generating Threat, which adds new hostile NPCs and ships to the Star Trek Adventures roleplaying game, filling in some gaps until official material can be released.

This month is the mysterious Breen.

The Breen were name-dropped in quite a few episodes of later Trek series before they finally appeared. And then later they suddenly joined the Dominion, resulting in an abrupt turn of that war. There expansionist nature and presence fairly near Federation space in the late 24th Century means they could have easily been encountered many years prior, such as the 2360s. And as as side power in the Dominion War they suffered few losses, and were in a position to continue their advance, perhaps claiming Cardassian space or moving on other neighbouring powers.


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Breen Sarr Theln-pic  Breen Rezreth-pic

Sarr Theln Black

Rezreth Black

Breen Plesh Tral-pic

Plesh Tral Black


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Breen Akched-pic  Breen Velsh-pic

Ak’Ched Black

Vel’sh Black

Breen Thot-pic  Breen Hren-pic

Thot Black

H’ren Black

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