Wells-class Timeship

The Wells-class timeship was first seen in VOY 5×24 “Relativity”. Both Seven of Nine and Captain Janeway were recruited by the USS Relativity to avert the destruction of the USS Voyager, which was destroyed in 2375 by a temporal disruptor. Though this ship only appeared in the single episode, it has shown up again in Star Trek Online in multiple forms.

In short, the Wells-class relies heavily on fluff rather than mechanics. I advise that games using a Wells-class focus more on wacky time shenanigans than trying to overpower other, less technologically-advanced ships. Of course, if fixing the timeline requires blowing something up the Wells-class is more than capable.

I’m statting up this spaceframe for selfish reasons. The STA game I play online on Fridays, Caliburn, may soon be transitioning to a 29th-Century game centered aboard a Wells-class.

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