Featured Foe: Berlinghoff Rasmussen


Professor Berlinghoff Rasmussen is an inventor and con-man from New Jersey in the twenty-second century. He stole a time pod from a twenty-sixth century historian, and has been travelling in time to steal inventions from the future that he can pass off as his own back in the past. He met Picard and crew in 2368 in the episode “A Matter of Time“.

Although he was stranded in the twenty-fourth century, according to beta canon, he was released in 2369, making his way to DS9 for a poker tournament at Quark’s. He also had supposedly hidden the blueprints for the time pod and retrieved them, rebuilding it. That opens up a lot of possible time-traveling hi-jinx with Rasmussen. In one story he had also collaborated with Bok to steal the NX-07 in an attempt to travel back in time.

Rasmussen can be used in another con in any century and in any culture. Although in “A Matter of Time” he was lying about time travel, after he is able to travel in time again, he could know things about the past and a possible future. Whether he’s lying, telling the truth, or has a complicated scheme to put in play, is entirely up to you.

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