T’hoka, Temporal Integrity Commission Agent

Hello and welcome to another edition of Tuesdays at Quark’s. This week I’m following suit with the rest of the team here at Continuing Mission to present time-traveling NPCs for use in your campaign. Two weeks ago it was someone from the Department of Temporal Investigations and last week it was someone from the 29th century. This week we’re combining these into a temporal agent from the future, and a pretty badass one at that.

The model Commission Agent is, of course, Daniels from Star Trek: Enterprise. He posed on the NX-01 in order to counter plots to disrupt the timeline and eventually guided crewmembers to defeat the Suliban and Na’khul from trying to stop the Founding of the Federation. With T’hoka I wanted to make someone similar, but also a different angle. Where Daniels is the carrot, working to nudge things in a certain direction, T’hoka is the stick. She is a tough warrior who can corner and kill people who want to destroy history as she and the other agents of the Temporal Integrity Commission know it.

T’hoka is presented as a definite ally, possessing mentoring abilities as well as combat, but she could also be an antagonist if she targets someone dear to the crew. Her combat abilities are best focused against time travelers, though, meaning that she is likely to run from a fight with people in their right time and find a better moment to reach her target.

There are a few different ways to use T’hoka, but here are some plot hooks to get you started.

  • The crew is transporting a delegation from Vulcan to a border colony for an important ceremony. On the way, they detect a distress signal and stop to investigate. The signal is coming from a strange, advanced probe which scans the ship and begins emitting a psychic signal that slowly eats at the stability of any Vulcans onboard. One Vulcan is unaffected, though: a disguised T’hoka who has come back to this moment to stop a time-traveling probe’s attack that could destroy her entire species.
  • At an important diplomatic summit between the Federation and the Romulan Star Empire, the crew is asked to investigate when a Romulan official is found dead. It’s a minor official and first reports point to an accident involving a faulty EPS conduit in the wall of his quarters, but as the crew investigates they find a conspiracy of sabotage, cover-up, and Agent T’hoka who killed the “Romulan” as he was really a disguised Na’khul agent.
  • When undercover reports suggest that the Orion Syndicate is searching out very specialized equipment for an unknown buyer, Starfleet Intelligence asks the crew to go undercover and find out who it is. Several fights with Orions later they find that Mailys Sault is building some sort of chroniton device. It’s then that they find out the temporal scientist of the Vulcan Science Academy that has also been looking into this is Agent T’hoka from the future. What’s more, the Vulcan needs their help since Mailys Sault might be the first target that’s beyond her skill alone.

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